The Different Kinds Of Guns is one of the most exciting and famous games that can be played with friends and family. The game has a number of weapons to choose from among which the guns are definitely worth mentioning as well.

The Different Kind Of Guns

The different guns in the game comprise of Pump action shotgun, Shotguns, Stun Gun, Submachine Gun, and small revolvers and rifles.

  • Shotgun- The Shotgun is a Ranged Weapon that fires three bullets at a time. The shotgun is really good because it can still damage people because its bullets can attack them even if their moving.
  • Stun gun- The Stun Gun is a Ranged Weapon that Stuns players, impairing their move speed and making them unable to attack for 3 second. It is the only weapon in the game that inflicts a status effect.
  • LMG- The LMG is a Ranged Weapon with an automatic firing process. It’s a strong weapon overall, but runs out of ammo quickly. It has the highest rate of fire in the game.
  • Pump Action shotgun – The Pump Action Shotgun is a Ranged Weapon added in Beta 0.51.
  • Submachine gun- The Submachine Gun is a Ranged Weapon. guns

The Stun Gun

There are a number of weapons including guns, which you can find in the game of, and one of the best among them is the stun gun, which is a special kind of gun, but it does not fire bullets, but fire something else instead. Yes, you got it right. The weapon can fire electricity, and shock, which can weaken the enemies, and if you fire the same for a longer time, it will kill your enemy. Thus, the weapon might not be great for killing, but good to weaken the enemy.

The weapon is quite rare, and thus, the rarity rating of the weapon is given as 2. You can reload the weapon, by finding battery from the arena. The range of the weapon is quite moderate, and it is 900. The stun gun can injure a person in just a single shot and that is what the gun is famous for in the game. Stun Gun

This stun gun is not the only form of gun and they are used in the game for protection, and to keep away burglars and trespassers. The weapon functions in a unique way.

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