Acid Bolter

Acids are no doubt quite devastating in nature, and thus, the developers of the game of have included the same, in the game of In this article, there is a information about acid bolter.

Acid Bolter is a kind of weapon, which can fire or throw acids at a particular object, when the trigger is pressed. The weapon is quite special, and you can use the same as acid bolter, in the game. Once you press the trigger, the acid will come out of it, to injure the enemy. If you want to kill the enemy, you can hold the trigger for a long time, and if you want to injure the enemy, pressing the trigger for a short time is enough. acid bolter

Using Acid Bolter

The way of using the weapon is quite easy. You will have to find the enemy, in the game arena, and fire it, using the click button on your computer. You can use the circular button on the right down corner of the mobile screen, as well. Thus, you easily use the weapon. Though the name of the weapon is acid bolter, you will never know the particular acid, which is present inside the weapon, and it is expected, some highly concentrated acid is present in the weapon.

Quite Rare

The weapon of acid bolter is very rare in the arena, and thus, it is rated as 4. The range of the weapon is not that high, and it is 900, with a scale rating of 0.3. You can have 10 cartridges of acids at a time. Firing or using the weapon twice will end a cartridge. The reload rating of the weapon is 200, and the value of DMG is 400. If you are running out of weapons, you can use the acid bolter to keep the enemies away from you. The sound of the weapon is quite soothing. acid bolter

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