All Weapons is a unique io game that has a slightly different concept compared to the other io games where, instead of playing an endless game, you must compete in rounds of combat and try to be the last man standing. all weapons will help you to fight your enemies.

About All Weapons all weapons are used to fight in the game. You will always have 2 Weapons, or 3 With Backpack. If you think you don’t have a weapon, you have the fists.

The weapons comprise of fists, hunting rifle, steel axe, steel hammer, steel sword, shotgun, submachine gun, Pistol. Crossbow, wooden shield, knuckles, Assault rifle, LMG, Stun Gun, Based stick, Silenced pistol, Acid bolter, baseball bat, Combat syringe, Bolt action sniper, revolver and pump action shot gun. These weapons are all used by the players in times of need while playing the game. all weapons

What Each Weapon Does

Acid Bolter – The Acid Bolter is a ranged weapon which is the rarest one in the game. It is a legendary weapon. According to the game files, the weapon is barred from spawning, making it unusable.

Shotgun – The Shotgun is a Ranged Weapon that fires three bullets at a time. The shotgun is really good because it can still damage people because its bullets can attack them even if their moving.

Bolt Action Sniper – The Bolt Action Sniper is the Second Rarest Legendary weapon in the game where it shoots down players with imperfect health and can kill with just one shot. he Bolt Action Sniper requires a very high level of skill to play effectively. Only ever use it if you have very good aim, and you are a total beast with the Hunting Rifle.

Combat Syringe – The Combat Syringe is classified as a Melee Weapon, but it works differently. When Used, it heals 700 HP from the user.

Stun Gun – The Stun Gun is a Ranged Weapon that Stuns players, impairing their move speed and making them unable to attack for 3 second. It is the only weapon in the game that inflicts a status effect.

LMG – The LMG is a Ranged Weapon with an automatic firing process. It’s a strong weapon overall, but runs out of ammo quickly. It has the highest rate of fire in the game.

Pump Action Shotgun – The Pump Action Shotgun is a Ranged Weapon added in Beta 0.51.

The weapons’ functions are in a unique way in terms of attacking style. all weapons will be updated with the next updates of the game.

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