The backpack is an item that increases the amount of things you can hold by 1. When this was added, the default things that could be held were 1, so the Backpack held 2. This change was reverted in the next update to 2 Automatic and 3 With the Backpack.

About Backpack Game

The backpack is an item that increases the amount of things you can hold by 1. is a unique io game that has a slightly different concept compared to the other io games where, instead of playing an endless game, you must compete in rounds of combat and try to be the last man standing. all weapons will help you to fight your enemies. Be the last survivor. Pick your load out and fight until there is no one left but you. Equip perks, weapons and outfits to help you in combat.

Stay away from the red zone on the map Store the weapons in the backpack and play with skill and strategy. There are various weapons in the game that you can use to win in the game. The weapons can be kept in the back pack and taken out whenever required. There are three slots in the backpack and the weapons can be selected with the help of keys. backpack

How To Play Game?

Currently there are three slots in the backpack and thus it is really confusing to choose a weapon. There is numerous Scattered around the map that you can use. To pick up a weapon from the ground you simply have to hover over it and press F.

There are also a series of mystery crates and health packs you can collect during the game – the mystery crates may contain boosts or powerful weapons and the health packs heal your hit points. Although swords and axes are great mele weapons, guns will give you an advantage so always try and pick up a firearm first. You need to emerge as no! in the game so that you can win the game.

The Controls Of Game

You need to press WASD to move, shift to spring, F to interact, Space bar to dash, left click to attack and Scroll or Q to change weapon. is one of the most exciting games that you can play for free and this game runs smoothly in all the browsers. Play this multiplayer online game with your friends and your family and enjoy the game and be the winner of the game as well.

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