Based Stick

Stick is something, which is quite common to almost every person, and a stick can be used for a number of purposes. However, based stick is an exotic weapon, so finding a based stick can be compelling.

The Use Of Based Stick is a game, where you will have to fight with a number of foes or enemies, such that you can reach the top of the leaderboard. Though, you can find a number of weapons in the game, but having a stick is something, which can help you in a number of cases. Apart from using it to weaken the enemies, you can even use to break trees, and other objects, which appear on the arena of the game. Though, the based stick is quite inferior, if it is compared with a number of other weapons, but it is worth keeping a stick with you. based stick

A Good Weapon

The based stick can be kept with you, along with a number of other weapons, which can be used for a number of purposes. Though, in real life, a stick is used to weaken the enemies, but in the game of, the stick can be used multiple times, to kill an enemy completely. But, the stick needs to be changed from time to time, as you cannot use one stick for the entire game. Finding a stick is a difficult job for you, in the arena.

Technical Aspects Of Based Stick

As the weapon is very difficult to find in the arena, the based stick has a rarity recording of 5. Due to the high rarity rating and low range rating, which is 150, the weapon is not that popular in the game. The reload rating is 600, which means, you can use the weapon, for quite some time, before you need to find a new one. There is a strange sound, which you can hear, once you use the weapon to hit enemies, or other objects. based stick

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