Battle Royale is the game which is popularly played in the current times. It is the game where you need to kill all your enemies and need to be only person surviving on the map. You are provided with weapons and the remaining weapons are to be gained while playing. You only have to hover it and get the weapons. The battle royale is the game which has survival, scavenging and exploration elements which are included in the survival game and has the last man standing in the entire game. Battle Royale

The battle royale is the challenge for number of players who are starting with the minimum amount of equipments. It includes the searching of the weapons and the armor and also eliminates the other opponents. You have to play outside the safe area. battle royale

The winner in the battle royale is the one who is late competitor in the game. Usually the battle is played between the numbers of individual players and also between the small squads. Thus it can be said that this battle royale is an interesting type of game.

How It Can Be Played?

Usually it can be played in squads of small number and it can be maximum 4 to 5 players. In each of the match the main goals are that the last player or the last team which is standing on the map by eliminating all of the opponents becomes the winner of the game. The match usually starts with placing the player and characters on the map space and they are distributed in random manner on the battle royale. The random placement allows the players to have some control form where they can starts. All the players start with minimum number of equipments and the rest of the weapons they have to achieve while playing the game.

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