Combat Syringe

Hardly anybody in hasn’t seen a syringe, which looks quite frightening, and has a needle in front of it, to inject medicine within the body of a patient. combat syringe supports and increase your health level immediately.

All Worth Knowing Facts About Combat Syringe

Injection syringe is something, which can be a little painful to almost everybody. In a number of shows, you can even find the villains, who are using the syringes to inject something bad within the body of the victim. Thus, the injection syringe can also be used as a weapon, in some way or the other. Thus, you can find combat syringe, which performs, almost in the same way. If there is any enemy or foe, in front of you, you can use the weapon to inject poison in their body. combat syringe

The Way It Works

The combat syringe which is used as combat syringe has some kind of poisonous medicine in the syringe, which is not known. Once it is injected, the poison within the weapon will weaken or kill the enemy, depending on the power of the enemy, and the amount of poison, which is available in the syringe. The weapon can only be used, if the enemy is located close to you. Thus, the weapon has a very little range, and cannot be used on enemies, which are far away.

Availability And Other Details

The weapon is not that rare, and thus, the rating of rarity, in the weapon is 1, which means, the weapon is neither very abundant, nor unavailable, within the arena. The sound of using the weapon is similar to injecting a needle, within the skin of a person. There is not rating for the range of the weapon, and the reload rating of the weapon is 800, which means, you cannot use the weapon of combat syringe, forever. The SpdMlt rating of the weapon is 0.6, which means, the weapon is not that fast. combat syringe

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