Controls is a unique game which has a totally different kind of concept when compared with the other io games. This game can be completed in a number of combats and you must ensure that you are the last person standing on the board. Thus, your controls should be really good.

What Is The Game All About?

In the game there are a number of different weapons which are all available and collectible in the maps and you can use any weapon that you like to combat with your enemies. If you wish to pick the weapon from the ground, you would need to hover over the weapon and then press F. There are a number of series of mystery and health packs as well. You can also collect the mystery series and the health packs. The mysteries have powerful weapons and also boosts. They also contain the health well. They also contain health packs. controls

The Controls is a game that has WASD controls for moving and shift is used for spring. The controls for playing the game are pretty basic for online games. F is used for interacting and the space bar is used for dash. The left click is used for attack and the Q and scroll is used for changing weapon.  It is the simple to understand the game when you have to kill other players and be the last one on map. Use the controls and survive as long as possible. Equip different kind of weapons and dresses to upgrade yourself. Avoid going near the red zone. It’s pretty easy to get used to these controls, if you aren’t already. The game play is fairly basic, with a little strategy involved in which weapons to use and when to attack whom to leave you the last player remaining.

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