Crossbow crossbow is an antique weapon, and it has been used by a number of soldiers in the past, and the same can be used in the most popular game of

The Antique Crossbow

Crossbow is a simple weapon, and the same level of simplicity is found in case of crossbow. The weapon works on the principle of elasticity, where an arrow can easily be fired by pulling it backwards, with the help of the crossbow. The weapon is quite popular, though; there is a little latency, which is found in case of the weapon. Whatever may it, the weapon is quite great, and you can easily fire an enemy, which is located at a close proximity to you. crossbow

An Antique Weapon

If you open the books of history, you can find a number of wars in it, and one thing, which is sure about it is, most of the wars were fought with the help of a same kind of crossbow. Thus, it is enough for you to understand, how antique the weapon is, and you should surely use the weapon in the game. You will hardly get the chance to use a crossbow in real life, and thus, you should never miss the opportunity of using it, in the game of

The Important Aspects

In the game of, finding a crossbow is not that easy, and the rarity rating for the weapon is thus, given 1, and the reload ratings are kept 1000. You can have a number of arrows at a time, and the maximum number if 4. Surprisingly, the range of the weapon in the game is higher than most other bullet based weapons, and the range of the weapon here is, thus 1100, which is great. Though, due to higher latency, you might not be able to fire the arrow quite fast. crossbow

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