What Is Foes.io Game?

Foes.io is a unique type of game. It is the .io game which has a different concept as compared to the other titles. It is not the game which is an endless game but you can complete the game in rounds of combat and try that you are the last person standing in the game. In each round of combat you have to fight against the other players and you also have to try to survive. If in case you get killed in a combat then you cannot respawn till the next round comes.

What Is Foes.io Game?

In the foes.io game, there are number of weapons which are available around the map and you can use the one which you like. If you wish to pick the weapon form ground you simply need to hover on it and then press F. There are number of series off the mystery and heath packs. You can collect the mystery creates and health packs as well. The crates of mystery can have the powerful weapons and also the boosts. They can also contain the health packs which can help you in healing our hit points.


The swords and axes are great weapon and the guns can also be used to give the advantage so that you can always try and pick the firearm. Also, you can get others players’ foes.io weapons if you kill the players. Then, you will enter the foes.io leaderboard easily.

Foes.io is the game which has WASD controls for moving and the shift used for spring. F is used for interacting and space bar for dash. Left click is used for attack and the Q or scroll is used for changing weapon. It is the simple to understand game when you have to kill other players and be the last one on map. You have to survive as long as it is possible for you.

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    Foes.io is the survival game for me

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