Head Gear is a unique type of game. It is the .io game which has a different concept as compared to the other io games. It is not the game which is an endless game but you can complete the game in rounds of combat and try that you are the last person standing in the game. In the head gear game there are number of weapons which are available around the map and you can use the one which you like. In addition, it is not like the endless game but it is the game which is to be completed in for of combats of different levels. It is the game where the player means you need to kill all other players with the help of weapons and stay alive till the end to win the game. Head Gear

There are online sites which offer you with the hacks for the game where you can get different weapons which can be used for you game. The sites make sure to get the weapons every time the game is update and thus they stay updated with the game weapons this manner. Other important thing is head gear that increases the power of the player. head gear

The weapons and clothes can be easily available in the game when you play normally but they may be time consuming thus you can choose the head gear so that you can get the weapons, mods, clothing, etc easily.

The mod of is mainly done so that it can create some custom levels, characters, objects and also create the standalone game on the same existing game engine. Bots have been in the video games from its debut only. The bot terms means that it has the computer controlled players which play the role of the human player in their absence. There is some of the game which easier and best before the online console games so that it added the multiplayer environment for the players.

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    a very important feature to hide yourself from enemies

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