Silenced Pistol

When a pistol is fired, the sound of the pistol is quite high, and thus, in order to reduce the sound, a silencer can be used with the pistol, which can reduce the sound quite well. This pistol called silenced pistol in the game.

The Basics Of Silenced Pistol

A pistol is a weapon, which can fire an enemy quite fast, and very little latency is there, between firing the bullet, and hitting the target. But the silenced pistol is one of the most popular weapons, which you should definitely use, and in the game of, using a pistol with a silencer can be quite good, as it will give you extra score, and it can be helpful for you in some way or the other, to move towards the top of the leaderboard. silenced pistol

A Normal Silenced Pistol

In case of a normal pistol, a small pipe must be attached in front of the pistol, such that it does not produce a lot of sound, while shooting. The case of silenced pistol is somewhat different. You will not be able to find a silencer pipe for your pistol, but what you can find, is a silenced pistol, where the silencer pipe is already fitted in front of the weapon. The range of the weapon is not very high, in the case.

The Ratings Of Silenced Pistol

The weapon of silenced pistol is quite rare, in the arena of the game. Thus, the rarity of the game is rated as 2. But, similar to other pistol weapons, the reload rating is 500, and you can load 15 weapons at a time, within the weapon. The range of the weapon is rated as 1000, which is pretty good, as in most of the cases, using a silencer will reduce the range, but the range of the weapon in the following case can be enough to fulfill all your requirements and kill weapons. silenced pistol

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