Steel Axe

Among the most popular weapons, which are available in the game of, the steel axe is quite popular, and can kill the enemies, which is just in front. It is very difficult to be the last player in the game, so it is necessary to learn how to use different weapons. Today, we will describe how to use steel axe and its properties.

The Facts About Steel Axe

The game is all about killing other foes or enemies, which appear on the arena, through various weapons, which are available in your hand. Among the many weapons, which are available, is the steel axe, which has a very short range, but using the weapon once, is enough to kill the enemy or the foe, which is standing in front of you. The weapon is the default weapon, and you can get the same, from the very beginning of the game. steel axe Steel Axe And The Details

The steel axe looks quite similar to the original steel axe, which people use, for day to day purposes. The weapon is quite powerful, and the weapon is made from a steel blade, in front of the weapon, and it also come with a wooden handle, which make the weapon, easier to hold. The weapon is one of the simplest weapons, which you can get, in the game of Similar to everyday use, you should use the weapon, only if the enemy stands in front of you. You cannot throw the weapon towards your enemy.

The Technical Details

As far as the technical aspects about the game of steel axe is concerned, the weapon has a rarity rating of 0, which means, it is readily available. The reload rating of the weapon is 600, and the same is with the DMG, which means, you will have to change the weapon, not very soon. As far as the range of the weapon is concerned, the rating of 30 is given, which means, the range is quite short, as it has to be, in case of a steel axe in any case. steel axe

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