Steel Hammer

One of the simplest weapons, which is available, once you start playing the game of, is the steel hammer, which is quite powerful, even after being a small weapon. The efficiency of weapon is the most important things in the game, so steel hammer is the type of the weapon the game. Steel Hammer

A few of the most popular weapons are available to the user, as soon as the user starts playing the game. Among the many weapons, which are made available, is the steel hammer, which is quite popular for usage in a short range. The weapon is available to all the users, and if you are having no weapons in your hand, you can use the steel hammer, which is quite advantageous, if the enemies are available quite close to you. But, if the enemies are located far away from you, it can be difficult to deal with them. steel hammer Steel Hammer And The Details

The steel hammer, which is available within the game, can not only be used to kill weapons, but it can also be used on trees, and other places, to do various tasks. Thus, whatever may be the weapon, which you have in your hand, you should keep the following weapons like steel hammer, and axe, available in your hand, such that you can do a number of small tasks, which cannot be done with the aid of a pistol, or similar other weapons.

The Technical Aspects

As far as the rarity of the steel hammer is concerned, it is given 1 rating, which means, it is not very difficult to find, in the arena, but slightly difficult, if compared to the steel axe, which is also available in the game. The range of the weapon is also 30, which means, you can kill the weapons, which are quite close to you. The speed MLT rating is 0.8, which means, it is not that fast, and it all depend upon, how fast you can use the weapon. steel hammer

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