Stun Gun

Bullets can cause maximum damages to your enemies, in any kind of war field, and if you are playing game, it is also not an exception to that. The most effective and rare weapon is stun gun in the game. Stun Gun

There are a number of weapons, which you can find in the game of, and one of the best among them, is the stun gun, which is a special kind of gun, but it do not fire bullets, but fire something else instead. Yes, you got it right. The weapon can fire electricity, and shock, which can weaken the enemies, and if you fire the same for a longer time, it will kill your enemy. Thus, the weapon might not be great for killing, but, quite great to weaken the enemy. stun gun

The Great Weapon

In real world, you can find stun gun in many places, and thus, stun gun is the not the only form of stun gun, which you can find in the world. In most of the cases, such stun guns are used by a number of persons for self protection, and to keep away burglars and trespassers. The weapon can weaken the target, and then the police can be called, such that the law can take its own course or action. In the game of, as well, the weapon functions in almost the same way.

Specialty Of Stun Gun

In most of the cases, in the game of, you might need to fire an enemy, which is quite swift, and the bullet might get missed in such cases. Here in lies the importance of the stun gun, which is used, due to very less latency. The weapon is quite rare, and thus, the rarity rating of the weapon is given as 2. You can reload the weapon, by finding battery from the arena. The range of the weapon is quite moderate, and it is 900. stun gun

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