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The backpack is an item that increases the amount of things you can hold by 1. When this was added, the default things that could be held were 1, Weapons acid bolter Acid Bolter

Acids are no doubt quite devastating in nature, and thus, the developers of the game of have included the same, in the game of In this article, there Weapons combat syringe Combat Syringe

Hardly anybody in hasn’t seen a syringe, which looks quite frightening, and has a needle in front of it, to inject medicine within the body of a patient. Weapons crossbow Crossbow crossbow is an antique weapon, and it has been used by a number of soldiers in the past, and the same can be used in the most popular game Weapons based stick Based Stick

Stick is something, which is quite common to almost every person, and a stick can be used for a number of purposes. However, based stick is an exotic weapon,

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