Wiki 2018 wiki 2018 is a multi-player action game based on 2-D world. In the game you fight with other players in order to kill them and survive till the last. Multi-player games are always fun as you get the chance of showing your gaming skills in front of different players from all over the world. Wiki 2018

The game was developed by Sidney de Vries and Vincet de Vries (same guys who developed and was released in September 2017. It is played on web browser and is completely free to play. The game has regular and unblocked version where the unblocked version is more advanced.

In the game you get number of weapons by which you can hit the enemy and defend yourself. Some major weapons are –

1) Fists

They are the first weapon a player gets in the game. They are obtained instantly upon spawn. The fists have got the damaging capacity of 150 points per hit, movement speed of 100% and can be reloaded in 500 milliseconds.

2) Steal Hammer

It is an uncommon weapon which has the damaging capacity of 900 points per hit and movement speed of 80%. It has the range of 30 pixels. wiki 2018

3) Pistol

It is a ranged weapon having damaging capacity of 300 points per fire and movement speed of 105%. It loads one bullet at a time and can be reloaded in 400 milliseconds.

4) Bolt Action Sniper

It is the second rarest legendary weapon of It kills 990 points per shot and can be reloaded in 1200 milliseconds. It has got the movement speed of 90% and covers the range of 1500 pixels. The weapon can kill down the player having imperfect health in one shot.

5) Silenced Pistol

It is a rare weapon which has the damage capacity of 400 points per shot and movement speed of 105% It can be reloaded in 500 milliseconds and covers the range of 1000 pixels.

6) Based Stick

It is the only exotic weapon of It has the damaging capacity of 500 points per hit and can be reloaded in 600 milliseconds. Based Stick has the hitting capacity updo the range of 150 pixels and has got the movement speed of 100%.

The above details cover major portion of the wiki 2018 and you can easily play the game after knowing these details.

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