Wooden Shield

In any kind of war, you should have a proper defense, such that all the weapons can be used by you in a proper and strategic way. The defense is the most important tactic to survive in the game, so many players defend their characters with wooden shield. Wooden Shield

There are a number of weapons, which you can find in the game of, and one of the best ways to build up a defense mechanism is to use the wooden shield, which can help you protect yourself from almost all the weapons, for a certain period of time. It cannot be considered as a weapon, as it cannot be used to kill other players or enemies, in the game, but is solely present for defense purposes. But, you will have to replace the shield from time to time. wooden shield

The Weapon Build

In real life, shield is made from wood or brass, and you will have to hold the weapon in front of yourself, such that you can be safe from the weapons, which are fired by other foes in the game. In the game, you will find wooden shield, which means, you cannot use it forever. But, it all depends upon the weapons, which are fired by other enemies in the weapon. You can read the details about the other weapons to understand, how well it can protect you.

The defense Of Wooden Shield

Similar to a number of other weapons, which are available in the game, there are a number of numerical values, which are associated with the wooden shield. The first is the rarity rating, which is 0 in the case, which means, you will not have to work hard, in order to find the weapon. The range of the weapon is rated as 20, but that is useless, as it does not work as any weapon. The reload rating is 500, which points to, how often you will have to change the shield, after using it. wooden shield

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