How To Solve Lag Problem? is the phenomenon of new survival games on the internet in recent days. Some players were affected lag problem in the game. As you know, when you approach more than one player, there will be a serious lag. We will list the ways to prevent this situation as much as we can in this article. There are a few things to remember, the first one; The game is affected due to the overall internet connection speed. The country-standard internet speeds we all use are clear which has high ping problem.

Solutions for Lag Problem

    1. Turn off unnecessary and running programs on your computer such as virus programs and torrent programs.
    2. Close any other tabs in your browser.
    3. Clean the cookies in your browser.
    4. Close or delete if you are using Adblock plugin.
    5. Update your browser if it is out of date.
    6. Mozilla Firexfox and Google Chrome browsers perform better for game.
    7. Make your antivirus program disable while playing battle royale.
    8. Using tricks and mods in the game can cause lag problem.
    9. Do not use skin while playing lag
    10. Delete or disable all unnecessary plugins in your browser.
    11. Update your java program version.
    12. If you are downloading while playing, turn it off immediately.
    13. You may be experiencing a problem because of the Internet connection. You should turn off your modem and then turn on to reset your Internet connection.
    14. Log in to Europe servers or servers which do not have a lot of players.
    15. Playing in hidden browser mode while playing the game is reducing lag problem.
    16. Install / update programs required for foesio such as java, flash etc.
    17. Put your computer into performance mode.
    18. Set your display card to performance mode.

After the procedures are done, your game experience will be completely eliminated. If you still experience lag problem, we will help you in the most detailed way by commenting as soon as possible.

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