Why Should You Play Foes.io Unblocked 2018?

Foes.io unblocked 2018 is the unblocked version of foes.io game. Foes.io is already a well known game around the world.  Now you must be thinking what is the difference between the two. Well, the unblocked version is more advanced and easy to access. There are many benefits of playing foes.io unblocked version.

Why Should You Play Foes.io Unblocked?

If you use foes.io unblocked 2018, you are not required to download the game. The game is played on web browser thus no extra set-up and resources are needed. You can just open the game online and start to play. Also, the game is completely free and does not have any kind of hidden payments. You can play this game with friends and families also.

What Makes Foes.io An Exciting Game?

Foes.io unblocked 2018 is a multi-player game where you fight with other players and try to kill them. If you survive till the last, you win the round and step ahead in the game. Unlike other endless games, this game is played in rounds and you have to win each round to move into the next. It is a unique concept which makes this game more unique and interesting. In the foes.io, you use number of weapons to hit and kill your enemy. Some foes.io weapons are short gun, stunt gun, LMG, steel axe, steel hammer, sword, pistol etc.

foes.io unblocked 2018

The weapons are scattered over the map and you can choose any one of your choice. In starting you are given some weapons and later you have to acquire the remaining. For this you have to collect the Mystery Creates as these have various weapons. There is another unique feature in foes.io unblocked 2018, that you can possess the weapons of other players also if you kill them. You can collect Health Packs also to heal your hit points.

How To Play Foes.io Game?

In foes.io, you should use W, A, D, S or Arrow Keys for movement. Always aim the target, use mouse and shoot with the left click for accurate hitting. Players must use space bar for Dash during the game and can also switch weapons using Q & E.

Always be active and careful while attacking the enemies, ensuring you do not get hit by them.

If you are looking for an engaging and thrilling game, then you should definitely give a try to foes.io unblocked 2018.

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